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Eric Wilder
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Murder Etouffee
When visiting New Orleans years ago, I searched for a book that would give me a quick feel for the City - a collection of information and ideas about culture and cuisine, along with a historical overview. Sadly, no such document existed and I wrote Murder Etouffee to correct this vacancy and to provide visitors to the Big Easy with a wealth of ideas and information to help them enjoy their stay in the city.

Murder Etouffee is a collection of stories about Louisiana and New Orleans in particular. It contains regional recipes and cooking tips that embody Creole and Cajun cuisine - stories and recipes giving readers an authentic "feel" for the people of New Orleans.

Lagniappe is a French word meaning a gift or something extra, and Murder Etouffee gives its readers a "little something extra," taking them on a whimsical and historical tour of one of the most unique regions in the United States - a region subjected to the worst natural disaster in the history of this country.
Murder Etouffee's bold mix of journalism, history, recipe and fiction
do just what he set out to do- deliver a hearty taste of New Orleans.
Wilder's fiction is like a cold Hurricane slush on a hot summer day.
                                                              Clarion Review
I highly recommend this book.
Lea Schizas, Muse Book Reviews
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