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Eric Wilder
Murder Mysteries, Ghost Stories Suspense Novels, Short Stories
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The book has a terrific beginning which immediately hooks the reader, and the climax is thrilling. - Writer's Digest
The prologue sets the scene for this exciting adventure by creating a thread of mystery that spans the pages and presents readers with a question mark that plays on their minds.
                Bettie Corbin Tucker, IP Book Reviewers
When Tom Logan receives a mysterious object from his missing brother - a large uncut diamond - he drags himself from the depths of his malaise and heads north to Arkansas to investigate.

Along the way he meets police officer and neo-pop poet Amber Armstrong. Together, they trace a path deep into the high Ouachitas where they discover a secret hidden for over four hundred years, and solve the mystery of Tom's brother's unexplained disappearance. A murder mystery, frought with adventure and suspense.