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Eric Wilder
Murder Mysteries, Ghost Stories Suspense Novels, Short Stories
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Sometimes your own child can become your worst enemy. That's what happens when John Warren's lawyer son has him ruled mentally incompetent, takes everything he owns and then plans to send him to a senior citizen's home. Warren leaves his son's Tulsa home in a snowstorm, seeking only to visit the healing waters of Hot Springs, Arkansas - a place he remembers as the "Magic Fountain" - before he dies.

He meets Attie Johnson, an attractive Native American woman on her way to play Indian bingo at Red Rock, Oklahoma. The two escape together and the publicity this generates transforms them in the media's eye into a modern-day Bonnie and Clyde. They play bingo and fall in love in the process. Along the way, they find the real "Magic Fountain" in the rugged Ouachita Mountains of western Arkansas. Prairie Sunset is a haunting tale you won't soon forget.
This wonderful tale is full of life affirming reminders to reach for the golden ring.
         Heather Froeschl,
 The Best Book I Have Read This Year
Bettie Corbin Tucker, IP Book Reviewers
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